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Unblock NFL Anywhere
September 8 will see the 2016 NFL season resume, with the Super Bowl 50 finalists Panthers and Broncos taking on each other in the curtain raiser. NFL Fans’ long wait to watch their teams in actions will end on September 11 when the regular season kicks off. The broadcasting rights for NFL in the USA are with CBS, FOX, and NBS.

You can catch all the live action from the 2016 NFL season by tuning into any of these channels. People today opt for streaming sports online, and almost all broadcasters have recognized this, which is why they provide online streaming services to their customers. Whether you are a US citizen or located elsewhere and want to watch NFL live online, you can do so. Here’s how:

Watch 2016 NFL Seasons Live Online

Only a week remains till the first regular season game of NFL 2016. The excitement of fans is unbounded, and to prevent you from missing out on a single game of 2016 NFL season, we give you this guide. Here are the methods you can use depending on your situation:

1. ESPN, NBC websites


  • Subscription with the broadcaster
  • Working internet connection
  • Device to stream on

This method is suitable for US Nationals and is one of the most common methods of streaming NFL. All the live action from the 2016 NFL season can be accessed by simply logging on to the website of the broadcaster and then entering your subscription details. That’s all you need to do. You would need a subscription to ESPN for this, though, but you will also have access to the pre-game and post-game analysis by ESPN.

2. NFL Game Pass

This method is only for people living outside the US. Whether you are a US national living abroad or are an ardent NFL fan Nevertheless, this method helps you stream NFL online. NFL Game Pass is a lot better than what is available in the USA.


  • NFL Game Pass subscription
  • Working internet connection
  • Device to stream on

With NFL Game Pass, you have on-demand access to all 256 games of the NFL season, pre-game and post-game analysis, as well as the replays of previous seasons’ games. All of this is in HD quality. A free trial of 7 days is offered before subscribing with them.

3. SlingTV


  • Working internet connection
  • Subscription with SlingTV
  • Device to stream on

SlingTV is a new streaming service to watch 2016 NFL season live online. It provides users with a stream package of about 20 channels in their basic package. This package includes ESPN2, TNT, ESPN live stream, TBS, etc. It is compatible with all devices like Apple TV.

The best part is that you don’t need a subscription with a broadcaster to use SlingTV. Although you need a subscription with SlingTV, the cost for that is significantly lesser than what you pay otherwise. It is one of the few legal ways to watch 2016 NFL season live online without a cable subscription.

4. VPN

Having a subscription with a broadcaster does not guarantee access to NFL online. This is true only for people traveling outside the USA during the season. Since broadcasters in the USA are geo-restricted, their services are available only in the USA. If you try to access the streaming service from somewhere outside, access is denied.

Using a VPN can help you get around this because VPNs allow you to mask your IP address and choose a server from any country. It will look like you are accessing the internet from the USA while in reality, you could be anywhere else in the world. A subscription with a broadcaster is required for this, though.


The 2016 NFL season will begin on September 11, and with just a week to spare, we provided this guide so that fans can prepare in advance to catch all the live action.

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