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In today’s advanced digital world, the chances of being hacked or spied on are rather high. With the right knowledge, one can find out the location of a specific person. Worse yet, one’s internet history can become exposed with the right technical steps. The risk becomes even higher when using public WiFi. The most effective solution to prevent these types of nightmares from happening is to get a VPN, which encrypts both a person’s physical location and online activity. One of the most cost effective and reliable VPN soft wares out there is Here’s a full review of the VPN’s aspects, features and of course pricing. Features

The provider of has over 200 servers in 40 different countries, including the continents America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The servers will support L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and OpenVPN on all major OS’s, whether desktop or mobile. Instructional guides are provided for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux and BSD. Other compatible house setups include Sony Playstation, XBox and DD-WRT routers. A CGI proxy is also provided for those who want to browse the web anonymously. The OpenVPN uses 4096 bits RSA keys and 128 bits Blowfish cipher for encryption, regenerating every hour. The PPTP, on the other hand, uses 128-bit MPPE encryption, whereas the L2TP/IPSec uses AES cipher with 256 bit keys. Overall, the type of encryption used by is extremely secure.


A custom application, called SafeJumper, can be downloaded to connect to whatever preferred network. This app is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux systems. Simple options, including location of VPN server, TCP/UDP OpenVPN port system and saving layouts, are available as well. Statistics such as connection time and traffic volumes can also be viewed by the user. Shortcuts can be setup to allow a faster, more convenient connection. With SafeJumper, one has more than enough options to choose from.


One can either pay for just three days or get the complete service with full support. One who does a lot of roaming can get the two dollar per 72 hour deal with access to 15 servers in both Ukraine and the United States. The basic plan is five dollars a month and allows one to connect to over 50 different VPN locations in six different countries, including the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, France and Netherlands. While the solid plan is $10 a month, it allows one to access 200 servers in 30 different countries with unlimited bandwidth on top of it. The top plan, called the Dedicated plan, is set at $25 a month and includes all benefits of the solid plan. Plus, they will have access to a 200 Mbit/second VPN server. Custom plans can be arranged if one contacts the support team. Payment options include major credit/debit cards, such as Visa and Master card, Paypal, PaySafe, WebMoney and even Bitcoin transfers. SMS and fix-tax phone calls are other payment options as well.

Logging and Privacy

With, absolutely nothing is logged. Every server that’s ran is completely wiped out with every power cycle. As with every other VPN service, all online activity is completely encrypted. Although some review against it, the thing that makes unique is that they take a strong stand against cyber bullying and harassment, something that’s running rampant in today’s online world.


According to a test done by a review, the speed of this VPN service performed exceptionally well. On average, the speed varied anywhere from 10 to 30 Mbps. For the most part, the reliability of the service performed good. A few reviews said that they had trouble connecting to certain VPN servers, while others complained about startup errors. However, these complaints are a very small minority. The great thing to know is that there were no complaints from those who were using Linux systems.

Support Team

This service has hands down the best support team that a person can possibly ask for. They run on a constant 24/7 basis and promise to answer any support tickets within 72 hours tops. However, their usual response time is within four hours, averaging out to 12 hours in the worst cases. They’re friendly, attentive and will translate different languages if necessary. Their primary language is English. All these features combined put this VPN service at the top of the list.

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8.3 Total Score
VPN with unlimited speeds and un-metered traffic. gives you access to a VPN network that is operated with state-of-the-art standards in encryption, quality & transparency. Their network spans all around the world and is hosted on nodes where all services are running from live memory (RAM). Shutting down the node erases all software setup and all our services are set to non-logging.

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